Over the past few weeks The Surface played at the fantastic Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival. Our acceptance into the this festival shows that The Surface holds up well in the science fiction genre, and that it's success at the Other Worlds Austin festival was not a flash in the pan, but the start of a hopefully successful run through genre film festivals. At the end of the festival, The Surface was awarded Best Student Film. We were stoked to be honored by such a festival, and to represent it as an alumni.

Coming up in the next week, The Surface is playing in two more festivals! Woot! It has been selected to play in the Original Narrative Student Film Festival and the Dam Short Film Festival. Both of these film festival acceptances are great news, but I'm stoked for both of these festivals for very different reasons.

1) Original Narrative Student Film Festival - Dubai, AE - Feb 2016

     This is the first overseas film festival to play The Surface and it represents the films ability to connect with a worldwide audience. There are only 3 US film makers in the lineup of nearly 55 international student films, so we are excited to network, workshop and enjoy the art of film with a truly international crowd. 

2) Dam Short Film Festival - Boulder City, NV - Feb 2016

     This marks the first domestic film festival outside of BYU that we will show at that is not a sci-fi specific film festival. The film is programmed alongside some other science fiction films, but the fact that it made it into a festival with such a broad audience shows hopeful excitement into the film performing well in audiences outside of the sci-fi community.


We are waiting to hear back still from another 20+ film festivals, and I will keep you all updated as things develop!

Are there any festivals that you would recommend we submit to or attend?